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Founded in 1965 - With over 50 years of service within the Building Services Industry.

Consolux is an independent Design Practice providing a wide range of engineering services from basic Consultancy to complete Project Management and Commissioning.

We produce our schemes and co-ordinate our designs with other design team members, using advanced calculation, simulation and drawing software.

It is our policy to be involved in the design process as early as possible, to ensure that adequate provision is made for services. By close attention to detail, we can eradicate many clashes which occur during the design stage, avoiding potential on-site delays.

To meet current regulations and best practice, all our designs are based on minimising energy use and running costs. We advise our clients on the economical & environmental benefits in terms of fuel savings and tax incentives.

Consolux M&E Consulting Ltd. have been appointed by numerous clients to provide:

  • Detailed designs,
  • Performance design & specifications,
  • Economical & Environmental data & analysis,
  • Advice and reports on methods of reducing carbon emissions.

Using both standard and bespoke methods, we can provide clear guidance on the most effective and relevant means to address CO2 emissions. We also have the expertise to prepare schemes to achieve client and government targets.

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Some of Our Clients Some of Our Clients

With over 50 years of service within the building services industry, Consolux M&E Consulting Ltd. is privileged to have worked with the following brands, designers and individuals.